Devastating Hamas Assault Uncovers Over 100 Bodies in Israeli Kibbutz Be’eri

Hamas Assault Uncovers Over 100 Bodies in Israeli Kibbutz Be’eri

Hamas killed More than 100 people and their bodies were found in a place called Be’eri in Israel. Some bad things happened there when some people from a group called Hamas in Palestine attacked. Be’eri is a place where about 1,000 people live, and they mostly grow their own food. The attackers came on motorbikes after breaking through a strong wall between Gaza and Israel.

Hamas did terrible things. They killed and took people as prisoners. There are videos that show the attackers taking bodies out of cars and even capturing some people. People in Be’eri were very scared because the attackers tried to get into their homes.

Out of the 107 bodies found, most of them were from Be’eri, but some were from the security forces of Israel. Be’eri is like a farming community, and there are many similar places in Israel where people live and work together.

The Israeli army said Be’eri was hit very hard by the attack. They were ready to help people who had to leave their homes because of the attack.

The attack By Hamas in Be’eri happened at the same time as another attack on a music festival called Nova, just a few miles away. The attackers shot people at the festival and stole their things. Many people were hurt or taken away, and their families and other countries are trying to find them.

Hamas also targeted other places near Gaza, like Ofakim, Sderot, Yad Mordechai, Kfar Aza, Yated, and Kissufim.

A lot of people from Hamas in Gaza crossed into Israel, and more and more people have been hurt or killed. Israel is using airplanes to attack Gaza, and many people have been hurt there too. Many people in Israel have died, and many more are hurt. In Gaza, many people have died, including children.

People are starting to wonder why the Israeli military and intelligence didn’t stop the attack. The Israeli army says they will talk about that later, for now, they are focused on fighting.

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