Divya Spandana: Resurrected from the Dead – Debunking Social Media’s Death Hoax

News of the actress-turned-politician Divya Spandana, also known as Ramya, flooded social media on Wednesday with reports of her death. However, several news outlets have now debunked the rumor, stating that the former Congress leader is very much alive and currently on a tour in Geneva.

Divya Spandana death

As the hashtag #DivyaSpandana started trending on X, formerly known as Twitter, concerned supporters sought to verify the distressing rumor. Thiru. KT Lakshmi Kanthan, Chairman of Congress’ IT Cell, vehemently denounced the rumors, categorically labeling them as “100% wrong” and providing clarity on her well-being. Earlier, a journalist also refuted the rumors, confirming that the news was unequivocally false.

While it remains unclear where the death rumors originated, some supporters have put forth a potential theory. Dhanya Spandana shares her name with the prominent Kannada actor-director Vijay Raghavendra’s wife, Spandana, who tragically passed away in Bangkok last month. Some X users speculated that the rumor may have stemmed from the confusion arising from the shared name.

The Kannada actor joined the Youth Congress in 2012 and worked as the organization’s social media director. She has been credited with enhancing the social media presence of Congress and Rahul Gandhi. However, she stepped down from her role in 2018 following reports of a downsizing. Ms. Spandana is a former Lok Sabha member had recently revealed her struggle with suicidal thoughts and acknowledged the emotional support she received from Congress leader Rahul Gandhi. She stated, “My mother is the biggest influence in my life, followed by my father, and then Rahul Gandhi.”

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